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API Virtualization Patents

I have been tracking on API related patents for some years, trying to understand how APIs are being referenced in patents, and in some cases the focus of the patent. Here are the patents I've tagged as being DNS related from the companies who are doing interesting things with DNS APIs.

Generating virtualized application programming interface (API) implementation from narrative API documentation

Owner: CA, Inc.
Publication #: 09471283
Publication Date: 2016-10-18

A virtualized Application Program Interface (API) implementation is generated based upon narrative API documentation that includes sentences that describe the API, by generating programming statements for the virtualized API implementation based upon parsing the narrative API documentation, and generating the virtualized API implementation based on upon the programming statements for the virtualized API implementation. The parsing of the narrative documentation may use a natural language parser and a domain-specific ontology for the API that may be obtained or created for the API. The virtualized API implementation may be generated using an API virtualizer.

Client bandwidth emulation in hosted services

Publication #: 09294549
Publication Date: 2016-03-22

Bandwidth on the Internet and intranets is highly variable and unreliable, two properties that can make streaming digital media content difficult. In a virtualization system (e.g., virtual desktop, remote desktop, remote application, and the like), this is especially so based on different bandwidths available to the session host and the session client. Methods and systems for emulating a bandwidth of a client device in a virtualization system are described. When the session host is executing an application (e.g., a digital media application), the session host may emulate the bandwidth of the session client by hooking into and throttling data over one or more APIs associated with the digital media application, thereby tricking the application into making a bandwidth determination based on the emulated bandwidth of the session client, rather than based on the bandwidth of the session host.

I tend to process the new patent filings and publications every couple of weeks. When ready I try to publish them along with my research.